The Origins of Mage Faire

In simpler times, Mages lived and worked side by side with their non-magical neighbors. Their magical powers helped shape the world, enhance its beauty, and solve many a problem to the benefit of all in the community. Mages were respected and valued members of society.

Time passed, and technology advanced. Walls were built, and people no longer knew their neighbors. As isolation increased, so did distrust of magic and those who could wield it. With distrust came hostility.

Among non-magic folk the term “Mage” quickly became an insult, and so Mages hid their identities from the so-called “Mundanes”. Mages feared to gather and share their secrets with one another. Much magical knowledge was lost.

But two powerful Mages, T’nara the Wise and Orrick the Mighty, forged a plan in secret: to create a haven for those like themselves, safe from harassment or interference from Mundanes. They dreamed of a place where Mages could gather freely, rediscovering lost arts, sharing and learning from one another. A place where Mages could celebrate magic and be merry.

The crux of the plan lay in identifying the proper place, where Mages could enter, but Mundanes would not recognize it for the magical gathering place that it was. They searched tirelessly, and yet found no place that they were absolutely certain could be completely hidden from the Mundanes.

At last they discerned a solution. If they could not discover a place in the world that would be safe enough, they would have to create one. An enchanted object could serve as a gateway to another place. A gateway through which Mages could pass without suspicion.

Orrick and T’nara cast an enchantment on a painting of a volcanic island. Mundanes saw it as nothing more than a painting, passing it by on their way to “important” real world activities, giving it no notice. For Mages, however, the island in the painting became a world unto itself: The Mage Faire.

And so Mages gathered. Growing in magical power and skill, they taught one another rediscovered magic. They created majestic forests and memorable villages. They engaged in contests and exhibitions, performances and games. Once again, the community of Mages thrives, and you too can be a part of it.