The Magic of Mage Faire


Each Spell in Mage Faire is invoked with a specific incantation. For example, Conjurus Artefactum.

Many spells also require a source or target. Returning to the Conjurus Artefactum example, once you have invoked the incantation, you must select from among the sources that you have collected (specifically, artefact sources, for Conjurus Artefactum). Then a new copy of that artefact is conjured.

Collecting Sources

Thus, one component of becoming a powerful mage is simply collecting. The more sources you find and collect throughout the Faire, the more options you have for your spells. Just as harvesting fruit can stimulate a plant to produce a greater bounty, so too does harvesting sources in Mage Faire stimulate the world to produce larger, more complex, and more fantastic sources.

To collect a particular source in the world, you invoke the Acquisitio spell, and cast it on the object. Sources are not consumable. You Acquisitio something once, and it can be selected as a source as many times as you like thereafter.


Some acts of creation are more involved and require magic rituals. A ritual is a series of spells that must be invoked in a particular order, and that combine sources and the mage’s own movements to create an elaborate and unique magical artefact.

Becoming an Accomplished Mage

The second component of becoming a more powerful mage is learning more spells and rituals. The more of these you know, the more you can do. Similar to learning any skill, you will begin with simple spells, and gradually learn spells and rituals of greater complexity and power. As you become more advanced, you can learn to tweak existing rituals with novel combinations of sources and movements. A mage can even combine and modify existing sources to make new ones.

We want to emphasize that this is player-based skill development, not character-based. You, the player, will learn the incantation or ritual and how to use it. Every skill-based activity you can do IRL, from origami to cooking to photography, has its own vocabulary, equipment, and techniques to master. The magic of Mage Faire is just like that.

Magic Tutorials

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