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How to Do Magic

Posted on: January 29th, 2016 by Orrick the Mighty

Exploring Mage Faire as a new mage can be quite fun all by itself. However, the real fun starts when you begin casting all of the powerful magic spells on spell sources that you collect from the Doni. Some new mages are not having success trying out the magic spells, and are sadly missing out on the best parts of the Faire experience. If you are one of these mages, please read on!

We have come to realize that we will need to provide all new Mages with direct help on using the various magic spells as they enter the Faire for the first few times. Until we are able to provide this within the Faire itself, we have three suggestions that you can try right now to learn how Mage Faire magic works.

One way is to read about all the spells, including what they do and how to correctly cast them, in an extensive magic help page on our website. This Grimoire can be brought up in-world by clicking on the Magic Help icon (lightning with a question mark) in the upper left part of the Mage Faire screen. You can also go directly to

A way to observe how some of the spells are cast and used is to view our YouTube tutorial videos. These can be accessed on our MageFaireOnline YouTube channel, on our Art web page, or directly below. All mages can conjure and assemble artefactums, as shown in these tutorial videos:

If you have the World-Building Magic Pack, you can also do world-building magic, as shown in these tutorials:

Finally, you can watch magic being performed by NPCs in nearly all of the areas of the Faire. Although the NPCs do not explain how they are casting the spells, they provide some examples of what you can do using the magic. If you hover your cursor over the NPC, the name describes the spells they are demonstrating, so you can then go look the details up in the Grimoire.

If you have had trouble getting magic to work for you, consider trying one of the suggestions above to wield your powers successfully. We hope you have fun, and we’ll see you at the Faire!

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