Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the alpha?

You can get the free alpha client, or you can buy the $5 World-Building Magic Pack. The Magic Pack has all the spells of the free client, plus additional world-building spells and a pre-ordered estate. You can get either one here.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The minimum system requirements are:

– 2.3 GHz dual-core processor
– 2 GB RAM
– graphics card with 256 MB dedicated video RAM
– Windows XP Service Pack 3, or later Windows operating systems

Is Mage Faire Online a themepark MMO or a sandbox MMO?

Sandbox. Mage Faire Online is a virtual fantasy world designed to provide a deep experience of having powerful magic at your command. The ultimate goal at Mage Faire is to enjoy the powers you were meant to have. Don’t expect “rails” or quests, but there will be many fun, magical experiences to choose from at the Faire, and you will have the freedom to explore and follow your own path.

Will there be combat?

No. Mage Faire Online will be an ongoing magical festival. There will be no spells intended to harm other mages, and there will be no combat–PvE or PvP. If you want to slay monsters and battle other players, there are plenty of other MMOGs out there. Indeed, after an intense raid or some arduous questing in some other combat-oriented MMOG, you may want to come to Mage Faire Online to unwind and be merry.

What will I be able to do there?

Learn incantations and rituals to cast magical spells. Explore the various magical disciplines showcased at villages within the Faire. Conjure. Create and apply your own custom spells and enchantments. Assemble fantastic curiosities (magical “gizmos”) and bring them to life. Create and explore locales with “impossible” layouts. Rapidly fill one of your Multiversa estates with waterfalls and forests of your own construction. Turn yourself into smoke. Ride the glideways. Capture memories from your past, and walk within them. Enjoy the magic and merriment of other mages in the exhibition halls, “jam” areas, and enchanted parks. Grow in magical power and skill.

What will I be able to customize?

You will be able to customize your avatar as often as you like, with a variety of enchanted, animated accessories, effects, and styles. You will be able to customize your Multiversa. You will be able to create custom artefacts, automatons, and NPCs.

Will there be UGC?

Yes. Each village in the Faire will have an ever-expanding enchanted Park that is primarily devoted to displaying the best magical creations of our mages. The Parks are an opportunity for a mage to leave their lasting mark on the Faire. The village exhibition halls will regularly feature themed exhibitions of mage-created content, where you can meet and chat with the content creators. And you can enjoy the magical performances of “buskers” and learn from the magical demonstrations in the “jam” areas.

Will it be social?

As social as you want it to be. You can socialize with other mages throughout the Faire, and you will be able to join (or form) guilds and circles. Each guild and circle will have its own chat channel and its own estate, and you’ll be able to join more than one of each. Guilds are groups focused around some particular topic, like a magical discipline or creating contest submissions. Circles are purely social groups. You will  also be able to “follow” other mages, and be notified whenever they are going to be in an event you might want to attend, like busking or an exhibition.

Will there be player housing?

Yes. Mages will have their own Multiversa: a collection of estates in parallel dimensions. Each estate can be customized with buildings, paths, fountains, waterfalls, forests, and more, and can be connected to your other estates via interdimensional portals. There will be no recurring rent or maintenance fees for estates. If you join a guild (or circle), one or more of your estates can be connected to the guild’s estate. Also, if you play Mage Faire Online with real-life family or friends, you will be able to connect estates of your Multiversas together if you like, to form a shared home.

Will there be races and classes?

No. Although there will be a variety of magical disciplines to be learned, mages will not be restricted to one magical discipline. You will be able to mix and match types of spells, or become very specialized, as you choose.

Will there be a subscription?

We’ll see. A subscription is simple, and many people are most comfortable with it. But what if you don’t have enough free time to make a subscription worth it? We are also considering an hourly model. That is, you buy 25 or 50 or 100 hours, and time gets subtracted as you play. That way, instead of paying for a whole month in which you can only play 10 hours, you can use up your time whenever you like. Perhaps we’ll offer both.

Will Mage Faire be free-to-play?

No, but you’ll be able to earn extra play time. Mages will be able to express their appreciation for buskers, contest winners, exhibitors and the like with the Apprecio spell, which confers a small tip on the recipient. These tips can extend your play time and provide other in-world benefits.

What platforms will it run on? Is it a browser game?

Mage Faire is not a browser game; it has a downloaded client. Although we intend to port to Mac, we are developing for Windows first. However, there are a few ways a PC program can be run on Mac, and we will want to test that too. Probably before testing the actual Mac client.

Will there be adult content?

No. It’s just not appropriate.You know those famous fictional witches and wizards you read about or see in movies? Do you think they spend a lot of time making adult content with their magical powers?