Glitch Traditions - Which Ones to Keep

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I hope we can keep some traditions alive as we move on to this new world. I propose one that I think really helped keep us all bonded. End of Test Parties. What things do you think would be good to bring with us?


  • hey serenity! first, i'd recommend re-titling to be "Glitch Traditions" or something of the sort... the forums are not limited to just us Glitchen :)

    a few traditions i'd like to see:
    *) end of test parties (like you said)
    *) "naked" train runs around the world
    *) some sort of music or other event that happens just prior to game shutdown during alpha
    *) some sort of special "gift" to alpha and beta testers
  • When you say "end of test parties", do you mean gathering inside the game to have a party, or a real-world party?
  • And did you have gaming/testing "sessions", for a couple of hours or something? With music and a party at the end? Am I getting the picture here?
  • Test sessions varied from a few hours to a few days depending on how much content was available, how things were running, and what we broke. Parties were organized by players and frequently announced in the forums, so all who wanted to could attend.
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    So we wouldn't have to do anything? Works for me! ;)

    Seriously, though, that might be a great time to show off our first buskers and such, doncha think? 
  • That's the idea. The last thirty minutes or hour we would gather in one place and say our 'see ya soons'. The devs/staff would come and party with us. It was very cool and a way to celebrate a great test.
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    :-bd  Definitely, Tnara!
  • Buskers sound cool! End of test parties were a great way to build the community spirit, catch up with old friends and meet new friends. 
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    Yep, T'nara, I wasn't in the early part of Alpha during the testing phases, but I believe that's what Piece is referring to. (ETA Whoops, you guys beat me to it while I was typing this! :D)

    I'd like to extend a deep and sincere thank you to T'nara and the staff here at magefaire for giving us all such a warm welcome! As yet another Glitchen refugee (and a Faunasphere refugee prior to that) I am grateful for the touching and heartwarming gestures the dev team has made, in the heartfelt blog post and in opening these forums so that we have a new place to gather when Glitch shuts down. Thanks guys, we love you too!

    Along these lines and in the context of "Glitch Traditions," one thing I loved about Glitch was the sense of community that was shared between devs and players. Magefaire obviously has a team of caring and involved devs, so I'm glad that tradition is continuing and I'm looking forward to getting to know you and to continuing the friendships I made on Glitch.

    Another aspect of Glitch that I enjoyed was the light-hearted sense of humor that brought a fun and playful aspect to the game. I'd love to see some quirky, tongue-in-cheek incantations and such here in magefaire...maybe some friendly "pranking" types of spells that would expire after a certain period of time, like in miramagia?

    Magefaire looks to be a wonderful game...can't wait to see what you guys have been working on, and looking forward to reconnecting with friends and making new ones. Happy New Year all!
  • Having an active forum is certainly one tradition I'm very happy to know will continue post-Glitch! Thank you, Mage Faire folk. You're making us Glitch refugees feel very welcome!
  • I loved the way Glitch was so inclusive and I hope that continues here and that we don't make non-Glitchen feel that they are missing out in any way!

    The game hasn't even started yet (for us non-developers) and already I'm feeling at home!
  • They where really fun those End of Test Parties. And the song......Goodnight Groddle (end of game song), think it´s a really good idea to "transfer" it here.

  • Well, not the song......
  • I’m on the run atm, so my input will be short and following only a very brief looking over the posts.

    1.) I’m all in for parties! And busking! :)
    2.) As for other traditions: how about some of us remember to follow the Glitch calendar so that we can celebrate Zilloween on its proper dates? :)
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