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Using Magic to Create Beauty: An MFO Artist’s Perspective on World Building

Posted on: December 20th, 2012 by Ophelia the Inspired

It all started with a spell. A spoken incantation, and I was performing magic in Mage Faire. A line of trees appeared behind me as I walked, and I laughed delightedly. They followed my every turn and curve, popping out of thin air. I was creating something. Albeit simple, it didn’t feel like it. This was my first piece of Mage Faire magic, and I felt powerful.

Much has changed since my first line of trees. Though it was only 5 short months ago, our magical world of Mage Faire has grown exponentially. We have done and learned so much magic, and we are using it to create the world that you will play in.  Every day it becomes more beautiful than any of us could have ever dreamed. Every day ideas are solidified, color schemes are decided upon, and stylistic tweaks are made. The world is blossoming around us here at Mage Faire, and it is happening by the same spells and magic that each player will be able to possess. The Art Department at Mage Faire Studios is very unique in this way. Everything that we are building and have built can be made, tweaked, expanded upon, and much more by you, the mage.

We build, destroy, design, color in every way imaginable, animate, conjure, experiment with, and marvel at the various pieces and elements of our world. We cast spells and use incantantions to make it so, just as you will be able to.

What Will You Create?

As the principal artists, we are deeply involved in the process of world building, from the moment I pick up a paintbrush in the real world, to the moment I trade it for a staff in game, step back and wonder at the fountain/forest/waterfall/mountain range/mossy path that I have just made. Trust me when I say, that stepping back and looking at the first thing you have built using Mage Faire magic is an amazing feeling. Turning around and walking on it is another feeling entirely.

Being the first two real playtesters, we cannot wait to see what others will come up with. Just as our own unique visions created surprises for each other, (many times a day we call the other over to show a new creation saying “You will not believe what I just made,” which is usually followed by, “Why didn’t I think of that???”), we know that players will create things that will completely blow our minds. And you too will feel powerful.

Oh, and did I mention this is just one of the many types of magic you can do???