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Animata Village Is Now Open!

Posted on: February 27th, 2015 by Orrick the Mighty

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of Animata village at Mage Faire. This is the first of a series of 2015 Mage Faire expansions in the works. Animata is a steampunk-themed village that is inhabited by a variety of automatons that have been magically brought to life. As in Majestica village, Animata contains its own set of shy Doni that you can seek out to acquire spell sources.

Animata Magic

A powerful new set of magic spells is also part of this expansion. With these spells, you will be able to modify and combine any of your spell sources to create new ones of your own design. There are now spells to change the color scheme of a source Artefactum, transfer a color scheme that you like from one Artefactum to another, connect artefactums together and reorient any of the assembled parts, force an Artefactum (or one of its assembled parts) to always face you, and to enlarge or shrink an Artefactum. For Magic Pack owners, there is a Capturus spell that transforms any Artefactum that you have constructed or modified into a new spell source. This means that you can directly conjure as many copies of a Capturused creation as you wish, or use them as part of an Architectum that you walk out. Using these new spells is quick, easy and fun! Whether you want to build shiny metallic steampunk creatures, or decide to assemble colorful organic creations with Origami-like beauty, there is plenty of creative magical merriment to be had.


NPCs have come to Mage Faire! You will see a variety of magically animated flowers and plants that are playfully roaming Majestica. Animata has its own steampunk style of automaton NPCs. In addition, there are Mage NPCs throughout the Faire that provide demonstrations of the various spells that you can use. You can hover your mouse over the NPC to see the kind of magic that he or she is demonstrating. Those of you that have seen our “Express Yourself” video will recognize these mage NPCs. Don’t miss the Animata NPC that assembles a steampunk ant!

It’s time to check out our new expansion. You will need to download the updated client to enter the expanded Faire. If you’ve already been to Mage Faire, you should automatically receive an email with a link to download the update. For those of you that have forgotten your login information, we suggest that you just create a new account with info that is easier to remember 🙂 Haven’t been to the Faire yet? You can get your free alpha client here, or purchase the World-Building Magic Pack here.

See you at the Faire!