About Us

The Developers

Married couple Ann Bouchard (CEO) and Gordon Osbourn (CTO), both got PhDs in physics back in the day, and have both developed software for decades. They left their successful technical careers doing R&D at a national laboratory to co-found their own company and begin development of Mage Faire Online. Gordon (Orrick the Mighty) and Ann (T’nara the Wise) are “fantasy geeks” who have always wanted magical powers and to live and play in a magical world. The kind of world where magic is used to create rather than fight, and where you can conjure things out of thin air, bring inanimate objects to life, create your own enchanted portals, and magically shape the world around you. They have been co-designing and co-programming Mage Faire Online to be that magical world.

Principal Artists Valerie Osbourn and John Cairns worked at Mage Faire Studios for two years, creating the colorful, magical, fantasy world of Mage Faire Online using the very spells Gordon and Ann developed for mages. Long-time gamers as well as artists, John (Kragnos the Bold) and Val (Ophelia the Inspired) have brought the Faire to life with visual effects, their own design contributions, and a keen eye for beauty.