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Automated Patching Release

Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by T'nara the Wise
Automated Updates

At long last, our automated patcher is ready! What does this mean for magic-wielding mages such as yourself? This is the last update requiring you to download and install a new client (for the foreseeable future). After you have this patcher release installed, you will receive any and all new Doni sources, new magic spells, and expansions with new Faire villages automatically when you launch Mage Faire Online. Bug fixes will also be delivered this way.

Mage Faire Online will now have a different look as you launch it. First, a small window will appear that indicates that the patcher is initializing, followed by the patcher window itself. If there are updates to receive, the Patcher will download them automatically. When the patching is complete, or if there are no updates to download, a PLAY button will become active and switch from dark to light. You can then enter the Faire by left clicking on the active PLAY button.

Alpha Feedback Needed

We are still in alpha, and this release is a major upgrade in how new Mage Faire content will be delivered to you. Feedback on any problems encountered with the patcher is very valuable to us, so please update to this latest version of Mage Faire as soon as you can and give it a spin. Post any feedback or bugs to the forums.