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Client Update: Enlargio and Destructo Spells, New Sources

Posted on: January 20th, 2014 by T'nara the Wise

How about some new magic, Mages? We just put out a new client update with new spells! There are also many new sources that can be acquired from the Doni and numerous bug fixes.

Enlargio Artefactum

As you might guess from the incantation, Enlargio Artefactum allows you to enlarge (and also shrink) an artefactum. Here’s how:

Press the Tab key to get into magic chat. Type “ENL” (the case never matters in magic chat), then select Enlargio Artefactum to load the spell. You cast it by clicking on an artefactum. If you’ve used the Acquisitio spell before, you should recognize this as working essentially the same way.

Now, however, you want to actually enlarge or shrink the artefactum. To do so, Shift-drag up or down. You’ll see the artefactum getting larger or smaller, and hear a lovely harp strum.

When the artefactum is the size you like, discharge the spell by clicking on the Discharge icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

In case you forget these steps, whenever you cast the Enlargio spell, instructions will appear in your chat window.

The other day, Kragnos the Bold Enlargioed a raven to 10 stories tall and made it hop around the jam area. It was hilarious! Meanwhile, Ophelia the Inspired shrank an aspen tree down to about knee height and made a cute little miniature forest, almost like dandelions. What can you make?

Destructo Artefactum

Have you ever noticed how children love to pop bubbles and destroy sand castles as much as, if not more than, creating them? Don’t we all have a little part of us that likes a bit of destruction now and then? You can admit it.

You cast Destructo Artefactum in much the same way as Acquisitio. Press the Tab key to get into magic chat. Type “DES”, then select Destructo Artefactum to load the spell. You cast it by clicking on an artefactum.

Want more destruction? Once you’ve loaded Destructo Artefactum, if you hold down (and keep holding down) the Ctrl key, you can click, click, click, to destroy multiple artefactums in rapid succession. Then, discharge when you’re done.

Destructo Architectum

The World-Building Magic Pack update includes an additional spell: Destructo Architectum. Remember how you assign a name when you Finito Architectum? Well, here is where that name becomes important. When you load Destructo Architectum, the list of architectum names is displayed for you to choose from.

Destructo Architectum is especially fun for achitectums with many artefactums, since they get destroyed in sort of a domino effect. Try it and see!

Create Your Own Targets

These spells only work on mage-created content, meaning you must Conjurus or Composio something first, in order to have targets for these new spells.

So create lots of stuff (don’t forget to gather the new sources!), make it big, make it small, then rain down destruction! But most of all, have fun!