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Progress Update, December 2013

Posted on: December 6th, 2013 by T'nara the Wise

We were hoping to have another game update out by now, but alas, it’s not quite ready. So, I thought I’d just give a quick verbal update about what’s been happening.

New Spells

When we do release the next update, it will have new spells for your magical entertainment. All mages will be able to Enlargio Artefactum and Destructo Artefactum. Mages with the World-Building Magic Pack will also be able to Destructo Architectum. Can you guess what these spells do?

Background Sound

Orrick is truly Mighty. He recently resolved our technical issues with regard to the background sound. So unless there’s a new hitch we don’t expect, the next update will actually sound like you’re in a forest.

Automated Patching

We’re not sure if the patcher will be ready in the next update. At this point, I’d say probably not. A key technical hurdle that had to be overcome was “How do we get our software talking to that new technology to download patches?” Fortunately, Orrick solved that one too, but there is more software that must be written to complete the patcher. Hopefully we’ll only have to do a couple more updates the old way before the patcher takes over.

Mac Port

A few people have asked for a progress update on the Mac port. We can’t tell you when it will be ready, because we don’t know what all the issues will be until we run into them. I can tell you, however, that Orrick and I, the two programmers, have carved out a portion of time each week devoted exclusively to the Mac. We are chipping away at it, bit by bit.

That’s it for now. Have a magical day!