Enjoy the powers you were meant to have

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Be Creative

Mage Faire Online is an indie fantasy MMO, where magic is used for creativity and merriment rather than combat. It’s a virtual Maker Faire where your tools are magic spells. Conjure things out of thin air, bring inanimate objects to life, create elaborate costumes for your avatar, and magically build the world around you.


It’s a sandbox. Once you’ve learned a magic spell or ritual, you can use it for anything you like. Experimenting, combining spells and ingredients in new and unique ways, and sharing your discoveries with fellow mages is encouraged.


Discover secret passages, wander through impossible spaces, find hidden treasures, and even enter and explore your own past memories.

Be Merry

There’s more to Mage Faire than learning and practicing magic. There’s always something fun and interesting to do. Magical performances, exhibits, and demonstrations. Be in the audience or on stage.

Be Social

Meet up and chat with friends. Interact with other mages by directly puppeteering your avatar’s hands and body–wave, bow, jump, and twirl to express yourself. Combine spells with friends to make collaborative magical creations.